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Thompsons Road Community Update – April 2018

Community updates

Our construction team recently celebrated a huge milestone for the project, successfully installing 21 precast beams across the northern side of the new Thompsons Road bridge.

Thompsons Road Lyndhurst Community Update - January 2018

Community updates

We are ramping up works for the bridge build on the north side of Thompsons Road, bringing us one step closer to removing the dangerous and congested level crossing for good.

Thompsons Road Factsheet: Bridge construction

Fact sheets and brochures

To minimise disruption to traffic we'll be constructing the two bridges separately, and transferring traffic as we go.

Thompsons Road Factsheet: Noise and vibration

Fact sheets and brochures

Construction is now underway and we are working hard to reduce the noise and vibration impacts as much as we can during this time.

Thompsons Road Factsheet: Managing dust and dirt

Fact sheets and brochures

If you live near the construction area, you may notice some dust and dirt whilst works are being undertaken, particularly on windy days.

Thompsons Road Factsheet: Managing traffic disruptions

Fact sheets and brochures

Stage One of the project includes an upgrade from Marriott Boulevard to the South Gippsland Highway to three lanes in each direction and removal of the dangerous and congested level crossing forever.

Thompsons Road Community Update – March 2017

Community updates

Construction on this massive project is now underway and we'd like to invite you to meet the team delivering it.

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