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Frankston quarterly update - October 2018

Community Updates

Over the past few months there have been significant changes to the Frankston line, including the removal of the level crossings at Skye Road in Frankston and at Seaford Road in Seaford.

Frankston Line Community Update – October 2018

Community Updates

We are busy applying the finishing touches to the Skye/Overton Road level crossing removal and new Frankston Station.

Skye Road/ Frankston Station July 2018

Community Updates

We would like to thank local businesses and residents around Skye/Overton Road for their patience during the period of major works.

North Western Program Alliance - Sustainable Procurement Policy


Sustainable procurement drives positive economic and community outcomes, while providing a benefit to the environment through reduced resource usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

North Western Program Alliance - Community relations charter


The North Western Program Alliance is committed to engaging the community by building understanding, trust and confidence in our program solutions and the delivery process.

Skye/ Overton Road and Frankston Station community update - April 2018

Community Updates

We're removing more level crossings from the Frankston line than any other train line in Melbourne.

Skye/Overton Road community update - February 2018

Community Updates

Community update on the Skye/Overton level crossing removal project as of February 2018.

Frankston Line Community Update – December 2017

Community Updates

Across the Frankston line, work to remove level crossings is well underway. Three are already gone and Skye/Overton Road in Frankston is under construction, to be completed in 2018.

Skye/Overton Road Community Update – December 2017

Community Updates

More than 15 piles have been installed at the intersection at Skye and Overton Roads, along Dandenong Road East and along Frankston-Dandenong Road.

Skye/Overton Road Community Update – November 2017

Community Updates

Major construction is underway at Skye/Overton Road, with our workers now digging the first of more than 100 piles that will form the foundation of the new rail bridge.

Skye/Overton Road Community Update – October 2017

Community Updates

Work is progressing well to remove one of Frankston's most dangerous and congested level crossings. Crews have been busy setting up and major construction will start soon.

Skye Road Project Area Designation


On 28 September 2017, the Minister for Planning designated the project area under section 95 of the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009.

Skye Overton Road Community Update – September 2017

Community Updates

Thank you to residents and traders for your support and patience during our weekend night works this month.

Skye Overton Road Community Update - August 2017

Community Updates

You will have seen work crews out in recent weeks preparing to remove the dangerous and congested Skye/Overton Road level crossing.

Skye/Overton Road Community Update - July 2017

Community Updates

You will soon see a lot of hi-vis vests in Frankston, with work about to begin on the removal of the dangerous Skye/Overton Road level crossing.

Skye/Overton Road Community Update - May 2017

Community Updates

Now we have a design for the Skye/ Overton Road level crossing removal, we have more work to do on modelling and understanding how to best manage noise and air quality during construction.

Frankston Community Update - December 2016

Community Updates

Over the last 12 months, we've been talking to thousands of local people about the best way to remove the dangerous and congested level crossing at Skye/Overton Road.

Frankston Factsheet: Land acquisition and compensation

Fact sheets and Brochures

This factsheet provides an overview of the processes that would apply if the Government is required to purchase or acquire privately-owned land as part of the Frankston line level crossing removals.

Frankston Factsheet: Planning and environmental approvals process

Fact sheets and Brochures

We have conducted a range of site investigations and assessments and still have more work to do on the design options that are under consideration to identify all approvals requirements.

Frankston Factsheet: Hydrogeology

Fact sheets and Brochures

Hydrogeology is the area of geology that deals with the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil.

Frankston Factsheet: Feature survey

Fact sheets and Brochures

A feature survey is essential to any construction or infrastructure project as it accurately maps the existing topography - the natural and man-made features of an area.

Frankston Factsheet: How do we assess options

Fact sheets and Brochures

LXRA is committed to a comprehensive design assessment process for each potential design option to ensure we find the best solution for each site.

Frankston Factsheet: Assessment criteria

Fact sheets and Brochures

Removing level crossings are complex projects with many environmental, community and technical considerations to be understood and balanced as potential designs are considered.

Frankston Factsheet: Car park survey

Fact sheets and Brochures

We are undertaking car park surveys to investigate the originating suburbs for each car parked in station car parks on the Frankston line.

Frankston Communication and engagement report


This report captures the outcomes and insights of the initial Frankston line community consultation program, ending in June 2016.

Frankston Factsheet: Flora and fauna investigations

Fact sheets and Brochures

We are committed to minimising the impact on flora and fauna, particularly sensitive species, as we design and construct level crossing removals along the Frankston line.

Frankston Factsheet: Traffic monitoring and modelling

Fact sheets and Brochures

We undertake traffic monitoring and modelling to understand current traffic issues and to ensure that the project doesn't have an adverse impact on traffic and, ideally, reduces congestion.

Frankston Factsheet: Utilities investigation

Fact sheets and Brochures

Utilities investigations look in detail at all of the services located around a level crossing removal site, such as electricity, gas and water.

Frankston Factsheet: Hydrology

Fact sheets and Brochures

Preliminary hydrology assessments have been undertaken to determine if there are any fundamental flaws with each design option.

Frankston Factsheet: Cultural heritage

Fact sheets and Brochures

We are continuing to undertake cultural heritage assessments to determine the possible impacts of proposed construction activities on Indigenous and European cultural heritage.

Frankston preliminary options assessment reports


These reports capture the outcomes and insights of the initial Frankston line community consultation program, ending in June 2016.

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