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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Level crossing removed

The level crossings at Racecourse Road, McGregor Road and Main Street in Pakenham are 3 of 22 crossings being removed along the Pakenham line.

The level crossings have been fast-tracked for removal, with the three boom gates gone for good in 2023/2024, 12 months earlier than originally planned.

The crossings will be removed by building a rail bridge over the roads, creating new community open space for locals to enjoy for generations to come.

The 2.5km rail bridge design with a new premium Pakenham Station will improve safety, reduce road congestion and allow more trains, more often. The new Pakenham Station will provide modern facilities, more services and improved security.

We’re also extending the metropolitan rail line 2km and building a new East Pakenham Station.

The new East Pakenham Station ensures the right infrastructure and services are in place to meet the needs of this fast-growing community.

See designs of the new stations in our image gallery.

The boom gates in Pakenham can be down for up to 30 minutes in the morning peak. Current network plans involve increasing trains running on the Pakenham line, meaning more boom gate downtime.

Early works have started, with major construction to start in 2022. Pakenham will be level crossing free in 2023/24 and the 2 new stations and community open space will open in 2024.

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On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project is removing 85 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025.

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Current works notices

Works notice – Ryan Road, Pakenham traffic impacts

Works notice – Pakenham line early works and site establishment

Current disruptions

05 Oct 2021 1633352400 1640177940 to 22 Dec 2021

Bald Hill Road, Pakenham – road and lane closures


Icon/Road/Rev Road


There will be temporary road and lane closures on Bald Hill Road, Pakenham from Tuesday 5 October to Wednesday 22 December.

08 Oct 2021 1633611600 1672577940 to Jan 2023

Railway Avenue, Pakenham – DDA accessible and taxi parking changes

Road; Pedestrian

Icon/Road/Rev Road

Icon/Ped/Rev Created with Sketch. Pedestrian


There are changes to Accessible and Taxi parking on Railway Ave, Pakenham starting early October for the duration of the level crossing removal project.

08 Oct 2021 1633611600 1640113200 to 22 Dec 2021

Railway Avenue, Pakenham – road and lane closures


Icon/Road/Rev Road


Railway Avenue, Pakenham will have temporary road and lane closures from Tuesday October 5 to Wednesday 22 December.

08 Oct 2021 1633636800 1637305200 to 19 Nov 2021

Ryan Road, Pakenham – road closure


Icon/Road/Rev Road


Ryan Road will be closed near the rail corridor for water main upgrade works from Monday 18 October to Friday 19 November.

11 Oct 2021 1633870800 1717250340 to Jun 2024

Pakenham Station – southern car park closure


Icon/Road/Rev Road


From Monday 11 October the southern car park at Pakenham Station will progressively close. The car park will re-open when the new Pakenham Station opens in 2024.


Join us for Pakenham’s open space online workshops

Join us for Pakenham’s open space online workshops

19 Oct 2021
First look at 2 new Pakenham stations

First look at 2 new Pakenham stations

10 Oct 2021

Featured video

Image gallery


Pakenham landscaping and vegetation fact sheet

27 Oct 2021

During planning for the project we work with qualified arborists and sustainability and environmental specialists to minimise the impacts to local flora and fauna.

New East Pakenham Station fact sheet

15 Oct 2021

East Pakenham Station fact sheet highlighting all the new station features and upcoming works timeline.


Racecourse Road, Pakenham

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