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Hawkstowe Station design

The Victorian Government has built three state-of-the-art stations as part of the Mernda Rail Extension Project.

Integrating with the natural surrounds and nearby residential areas, Hawkstowe station provides views over Plenty Gorge Park from the platform while protecting the privacy of nearby homes.

With 397 parking spaces (formerly 350) and paths to neighbouring parkland, the station is easily accessible by car, bike, taxi, bus and on foot.

The Mernda Rail Extension Project has built the station at Hawkstowe that the community asked for.

Arriving at the station

Pedestrian entries from Plenty Road and Hawkstowe Parade lead to a landscaped forecourt, “spilling out” into parkland space.

The station was designed to be comfortably accessed by everyone – including the elderly, people travelling with children and people with disability.

Getting to and from the station

Kiss-and-ride drop-off areas are located near the station entry.

Access to the platform is via stairs or twin lifts, equipped with their own back-up power source in case of power failure.

The design

The station design continues the style established at Mernda station, incorporating similar materials and the same rural-inspired design approach.

To capitalise on natural light, a skylight has been incorporated into the roof over the tracks, and glazed portions allow views from the stairs and platforms.


The platform roof provides shelter from the weather for passengers while allowing for views across Plenty Gorge Park and to the distant Quarry Hills skyline.


The precinct provides:

  • over 350 park-and-ride spaces
  • 7 accessible spaces.


Lighting and CCTV in the car park and surrounds helps maintain safety, as does the presence of Protective Services Officers.

Sustainable building materials

The station buildings and landscape includes walls featuring rock sourced from the project site, along with naturally-weathering steel.

Bicycle storage

A walking and cycling path running along the rail corridor will connect the station with nearby homes, existing parks and the local path network.

The station forecourt has a bike storage area near the walking and cycling path.

To view the brochure, download the Hawkstowe Station Precinct PDF PDF, 8.7 MB

Check out our interactive video of the design for Hawkstowe Station

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