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Melton highway community update - April 2018

Community Updates

The Melton Highway project team had a busy start to the year, with the new southern bridge opening in late January and the level crossing removed shortly after.

Melton Highway Community Update – October 2017

Community Updates

In July, we safely completed the first stage of the new road bridge that will finally see the end to the congested level crossing on Melton Highway.

Melton Highway sustainability policy


The BMD Group is committed to applying the principles of sustainability in its decision making and activities across multiple jurisdictions.

Melton Highway Community Update – July 2017

Community Updates

The bridge on the south side of Melton Highway has started to emerge as major construction to remove the dangerous level crossing continues in Sydenham.

Melton Highway Community Update – April 2017

Community Updates

Works are officially underway to remove the dangerous and congested Melton Highway level crossing. Once removed, Sydenham will be safer, less congested and easier to get around.

Melton Highway Community Update – January 2017

Community Updates

The Melton Highway level crossing in Sydenham has been fast-tracked for removal by the Victorian Government.

Melton Highway Community Update – November 2016

Community Updates

The Level Crossing Removal Authority has announced that BMD Constructions will remove the level crossing at Melton Highway in Sydenham by raising the road over the rail line.

Melton Highway Factsheet: Project overview

Fact sheets and Brochures

More than 200 trains, 38,000 vehicles and 200 bus services travel through the Melton Highway level crossing in Sydenham each day.

Melton Highway consultation outcomes and submissions summary report


This report provides an overview of community engagement undertaken in 2016 to secure feedback on the Melton Highway level crossing removal project.

Melton Highway Factsheet: What's happening?

Fact sheets and Brochures

Construction has already begun at several sites, including Main Road and Furlong Road in St Albans, and planning and consultation is underway for the removal of the remaining level crossings.

Melton Highway Factsheet: Project assessment

Fact sheets and Brochures

To assess the feasibility of each option, a process called multi-criteria analysis was used.

Melton Highway Factsheet: Urban design ideas

Fact sheets and Brochures

View examples of urban design options for the Melton Highway, Sydenham level crossing removal project.

Melton Highway Factsheet: Why road over rail?

Fact sheets and Brochures

There are a number of reasons a road over rail solution was selected for the Melton Highway level crossing removal.

Melton Highway Community Update – April 2016

Community Updates

Since February this year, we’ve been talking and listening to the community about the project, its design, how we can deliver the project and how to reduce impacts to the area during construction.

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