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A new train storage facility will be built in Kananook to replace the existing train storage facility in Carrum and provide capacity to accommodate more trains in the future following completion of the Metro Tunnel project. The site will have enough space to house three times the number of trains that can currently be stored at Carrum.

Train storage facilities are where trains are parked while not in operation. Typically, trains return to a storage facility at the end of service and are stored overnight until they are required. While there, the trains are cleaned internally and prepared for the next day's service. This includes removing waste, minor maintenance and routine inspections.

Train storage facilities help make sure train services across the rail network are operating as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Check out the latest Kananook Train Storage fact sheet for more information.


Banksias taking root in Seaford

Banksias taking root in Seaford

09 Apr 2019
Carrum to be revitalised as part of level crossing removal project

Carrum to be revitalised as part of level crossing removal project

06 Mar 2017


Kananook Train Storage Facility - April 2019

12 Apr 2019

Works are underway to remove 18 level crossings and upgrade important rail infrastructure on the Frankston line, allowing more trains to run more often.

Frankston Line Community Update – December 2017

10 Dec 2017

Across the Frankston line, work to remove level crossings is well underway. Three are already gone and Skye/Overton Road in Frankston is under construction, to be completed in 2018.


Kananook Train Storage Facility

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