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Level crossing removed

The dangerous and congested Hallam Road level crossing will be removed by building a rail bridge over Hallam Road and a new modern station.

Extensive site investigations and engineering assessments have found the rail bridge design is the best way to remove the level crossing.

A new elevated station will be built at Hallam, with modern facilities for the 2200 passengers who use the station each day, and improved pedestrian and cycling connections around the station precinct.

Early works on the Hallam level crossing are expected to start in 2020, with the level crossing to be removed in 2022.

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project is overseeing the removal of 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025.


Hallam Road level crossing design announced

Hallam Road level crossing design announced

30 Sep 2019

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Hallam Road community update – September 2019

14 Oct 2019

We’re removing the dangerous and congested level crossing at Hallam Road, Hallam, with a new rail bridge, which will improve traffic flow, reduce travel times and improve safety.

Hallam Community Update – January 2017

01 Jan 2017

The Hallam Road level crossing is one of Victoria's worst, with boom gates disrupting the flow of traffic for the 19,200 vehicles that drive through the level crossing each day.


Hallam Road, Hallam

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