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Furlong Main Community Update - May 2017

Community updates

The transformation of St Albans and Ginifer stations is almost complete.

Furlong Main Community Update – March 2017

Community updates

The boom gates at Main and Furlong Roads are now history and two new stations are up and running at St Albans and Ginifer.

Furlong Main Community Update – December 2016

Community updates

Main Road re-opened without boom gates on Monday 28 November after three weeks of round-the-clock works.

Furlong Main Community Update – November 2016

Community updates

On Tuesday 1 November, trains travelled beneath both Main Road and Furlong Road for the first time ever.

Furlong Main Community Update - August 2016

Community updates

The new St Albans and Ginifer stations are coming to life as the project reaches another major milestone.

Furlong Main Environmental management


This strategy provides an overarching approach for the management of environmental risks and opportunities during the design and construction of the Furlong Main Level Crossing Removal Project.

Furlong Main Community Update - April 2016

Community updates

Thank you for your patience as major works got underway at Furlong Road during the road closure in mid-February.

Furlong Main Community Update - February 2016

Community updates

There are more disruptions coming up in February with the closure of Furlong Road to put in the foundations for the new Ginifer Station and upgrade rail signalling.

Furlong Main Community Update - December 2015

Community updates

We are on track for the removal of the Main Road level crossing following a successful month in October.

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