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Level crossing removed

The level crossings at Furlong Road and Main Street, St Albans, were removed in 2016 and new stations at Ginifer and St Albans were built as part of the project.

The crossings were removed by lowering the rail line below Furlong Road and Main Street.

Ginifer Station has been moved up to the intersection at Furlong Road, with access to the station at Furlong Road and Bond Street.

Walking and cycling paths were also built, running parallel to the rail line.


New stations star in sustainability

New stations star in sustainability

07 Mar 2018
Work at St Albans continues in March

Work at St Albans continues in March

15 Feb 2017

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Furlong Main Community Update - May 2017

01 May 2017

The transformation of St Albans and Ginifer stations is almost complete.

Furlong Main Community Update – March 2017

01 Mar 2017

The boom gates at Main and Furlong Roads are now history and two new stations are up and running at St Albans and Ginifer.


Furlong Road, St Albans

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