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Level crossing removed

The level crossing at Clyde Road, Berwick will be removed by building a road underpass beneath the rail line.

The project will also deliver an upgraded bus interchange at Berwick Station.

Site investigations and engineering assessments found that a road underpass is the best solution for removing the level crossing, with other designs taking up to a year longer to build.

Around 22,000 vehicles travel through the Clyde Road, Berwick level crossing each day, with the boom gates down for up to a third of the morning peak.

Removing this level crossing will improve traffic flow, increase local connections and improve safety for emergency services, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Works will start in 2020 and the level crossing will be gone in 2022.

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project is removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025.

Current works notices

Works notice – Clyde Road November activities

Works notice – Clyde Road October works

Works notice – Clyde Road water main relocation

Current disruptions

20 Jul 2020 1595167200 1648731540 to Mar 2022

Clyde Road, Berwick – footpath and pedestrian crossing closure

Pedestrian; Cycling

Icon/Ped/Rev Created with Sketch. Pedestrian


The footpath and pedestrian rail crossing on the eastern side of Clyde Road, between Reserve Street and the Enterprise Avenue intersection will be closed from Monday 20 July to early 2022.

Nov 2020 1604149200 1612184340 to Feb 2021

Clyde Road, Berwick – changed traffic conditions


Icon/Road/Rev Road


One lane will be closed in each direction on Clyde Road between Reserve Street and Mansfield Street, and the southbound u-turn lane on Clyde Road at Reserve Street will be closed at times from mid November 2020 to early 2021.

Nov 2020 1605790800 1607173140 to Dec 2020

Clyde Road/Jane Street, Berwick – access changes


Icon/Road/Rev Road


At alternating times through mid November to early December, there will be no left turn into Jane Street from Clyde Road, or no left turn out of Jane Street onto Clyde Road.


Help represent the Berwick community during major works

Help represent the Berwick community during major works

23 Jul 2020
Share your ideas online for Clyde Road, Berwick

Share your ideas online for Clyde Road, Berwick

25 Mar 2020

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Works notice – Clyde Road November activities

20 Oct 2020

As we prepare the area for major construction, works continue at Clyde Road throughout November.

Works notice – Clyde Road, Berwick October works

23 Sep 2020

As we prepare the area for major construction at Clyde Road, works continue throughout October.


Clyde Road, Berwick

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