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Buckley Street community update - September 2018

Community Updates

With Buckley Street closed during August and September, the project team was able to work around the clock to achieve some massive milestones

Buckley Street road changes fact sheet

Fact sheets and Brochures

These changes to local roads are the result of more than 12 months of community engagement

Buckley Street – Open for business

Fact sheets and Brochures

During the works from 9 August through to 30 September, there will be changes to the way you access shops on Buckley Street near the level crossing.

Buckley Street community update - August 2018

Community Updates

From August through to September we will build the new Buckley Street road underpass, service roads and continue works to upgrade pedestrian underpasses at Essendon Station.

Buckley Street Community Update – June 2018

Community Updates

We’re beginning major work to remove the dangerous and congested level crossing at Buckley Street, Essendon, creating better traffic flow and a safer community.

North Western Program Alliance - Sustainable Procurement Policy


Sustainable procurement drives positive economic and community outcomes, while providing a benefit to the environment through reduced resource usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

North Western Program Alliance - Community relations charter


The North Western Program Alliance is committed to engaging the community by building understanding, trust and confidence in our program solutions and the delivery process.

Buckley Street Factsheet: Walking around Essendon

Fact sheets and Brochures

There will be new footpaths on Rose Street and Russell Street so pedestrians can safely walk to and from the station precinct and across Buckley Street without having to cross the road.

Buckley Street Factsheet: Cycling around Essendon

Fact sheets and Brochures

We've been working with the Essendon community to ensure we provide connections to cycling routes, a safer riding environment and improved access to the local precinct.

Buckley Street construction impacts

Fact sheets and Brochures

We’ve got a lot of work to do to remove the Buckley Street level crossing and most of that is happening this year.

Buckley Street cycling FAQs

Fact sheets and Brochures

New bicycle hoops will be installed at locations suggested by the community. These facilities will be in addition to the existing bike lockers available at Essendon Station.

Buckley Street FAQs

Fact sheets and Brochures

Read the frequently asked questions about the Buckley Street level crossing removal

Buckley Street Project Area Designation


On 29 January 2018, the Minister for Planning designated the project area under section 95 of the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009.

Buckley Street community engagement update – August 2017

Community Updates

Community consultation has revealed overall support for the removal of the Buckley Street level crossing, with people saying they just want it gone.

Getting around Essendon

Fact sheets and Brochures

For well over a year our team of experts have been analysing local traffic and transport data around Buckley Street to develop models which help determine how traffic will move in the future.

Buckley Street fact sheet: Community open spaces

Fact sheets and Brochures

Read the frequently asked questions about community open spaces arising from the Buckley Street level crossing removal

Buckley Street underpass

Fact sheets and Brochures

Removing the Buckley Street level crossing in Essendon by building a road underpass beneath the railway line will have a number of benefits.

Essendon Stakeholder Liaison Group


The first meeting of the Buckley Street, Essendon Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) provided an introduction to the group, an overview of members' roles and an overview of the level crossing solution.

Buckley Street community update - May 2017

Community Updates

The fast-tracked removal of the Buckley Street level crossing will see the dangerous crossing gone forever by the end of 2018 – one year ahead of schedule.

Buckley Street - Preliminary options assessment


The Level Crossing Removal Authority have investigated a number of design options to remove the level crossing and have identified a preferred option.

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