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Blackburn Road community update - May 2017

Community Updates

The Blackburn Road Level Crossing Removal Project will be fully completed by the end of July.

Blackburn Road community update – March 2017

Community Updates

After 41 days of around-the-clock construction, the Blackburn Road level crossing is now gone forever.

Blackburn Road community update - December 2016

Community Updates

Major works this summer will see the rail line lowered with trains running underneath Blackburn Road for the very first time.

Blackburn Road community update - October 2016

Community Updates

Last month the Victorian Government announced the dates for the summer closure of the Belgrave-Lilydale rail line to remove the Blackburn Road level crossing.

Blackburn fact sheet: Trees and vegetation

Fact sheets and Brochures

As we progress with the construction of the Blackburn Road Level Crossing Removal Project, our aim is to minimise the impact on trees and vegetation where possible.

Blackburn Road community update - July 2016

Community Updates

Over the last couple of weeks works ramped up on the Blackburn Level Crossing Removal Project.

Blackburn Road community update - June 2016

Community Updates

In a big win for Blackburn residents, the Victorian Government recently announced that lifts will feature in the revamped Blackburn Station.

Blackburn Road community update - May 2016

Community Updates

The Blackburn Level Crossing project reached a major milestone in April when piling works get underway

Blackburn Road community update - December 2015

Community Updates

Over the next six months we will move from preparing to build the project to starting to build the project.

Blackburn Road community update - November 2015

Community Updates

Works are well and truly getting underway to remove the level crossing at Blackburn Road in Blackburn.

Blackburn Road community update - September 2015

Community Updates

In addition to a number of works taking place on the Blackburn Road level crossing removal in September, vegetation replanting is underway along the rail corridor.

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