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Level crossing removed

The level crossing at Aviation Road, Laverton was removed in September 2019.

The crossing was removed by moving the road onto a new bridge over the railway line.

The bridge features a pedestrian walkway and dedicated bike lanes, and a new road connection that maintains access to the nearby Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) base.

Important pedestrian connections for commuters to the nearby Aircraft Station will be completed in the second stage, which will align with level crossing removal works at Werribee and Cherry streets in Werribee. This will reduce the number of rail shutdowns needed on the Werribee line.

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project is removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025.

Current disruptions

20 Nov 2019 1574168400 1598882340 to 31 Aug 2020

Aircraft Station – car park changes


Icon/Road/Rev Road


Up to 8 car spaces will be closed in the informal gravel section of the Aircraft Station car park from Wednesday 20 November 2019 to Monday 31 August 2020.


Level crossing out, new Aviation Road bridge in

Level crossing out, new Aviation Road bridge in

30 Sep 2019
Site set on virtual reality

Site set on virtual reality

23 Apr 2019

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Aviation Road, Laverton community update – November 2019

01 Nov 2019

It has been a big couple of months – the new bridge has opened to traffic, the Aviation Road boom gates are gone for good and the surrounding road works are nearly done.

Aviation Road, Laverton community update - October 2019

09 Oct 2019

September was a huge month for the project. Aviation Bridge is now open for traffic and the level crossing is gone for good!


Aviation Road, Laverton

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