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What would you do with 22.5 hectares of new open space?

15 Mar 2017



What would you do with 22.5 hectares of new open space?

[Vision: Cartoon of traffic and train travelling around circle - MCG - 11 - question mark]


In a busy city like Melbourne, if someone gave you a new open space the size of 11 MCGs how would you fill it?

[Vision: Sketch of suburbs where nine level crossings will be removed - 22.5 ha - 17km]

Getting rid of nine dangerous and congested level crossings from Caulfield to Dandenong will create 22.5 hectares of new open space, and 17 kilometres of bike and walking paths.

[Vision: Cartoon of people enjoying new open space]

That means new spaces for people to walk, run, ride and play.

[Vision: Thinking bubbles showing various activities]

And spaces we want you to help shape.

[Vision: Survey form - post - thumbs up]

To have your say join the conversation online, complete a quick survey, post an idea, or vote on other people’s.

[Vision: Circle surrounded by trees]

This is a space for all of Melbourne to enjoy and we want to hear from you.


To join the conversation visit


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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