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What are geotechnical investigations?

03 Sep 2019



Visual Transcript

What are geotechnical investigations?

Text. Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert. Union Road, Surrey Hills.

Vision. Aerial footage of Mont Albert Road and Union Road level crossings with the Melbourne’s CBD in the background.

Text. Hazel, Level Crossing Removal Project Senior Project Engineer.

Hazel. Hi I’m Hazel from the Level Crossing Removal Project. We’re at Surrey Hills Station today doing some geotechnical site investigation works.

Vision. Hazel speaking to the camera with geotechnical equipment in the background. View of Surrey Hills Station sign and level crossing sign. Site engineer removing core sample.

Hazel. Geotechnical drilling is a process of obtaining soil and rock information. It gives us an indication of the sub-surface conditions of the site. It informs our design parameters and construction methods that we can use for this project.

Vision. Drilling equipment at work. Core samples being handled and measured. Site engineer taking notes on the measurements.

Hazel. Large structures such as stations and retaining walls need geotechnical information for foundation design. We can also use this data to inform our construction methodology, program duration and required work area.

Vision. Core sample being extracted with ground water pouring out of a pipe. Samples being loaded side-by-side into a tray by a site engineer. Core sample being moved from one tray to another.

Hazel. The benefit of doing geotechnical investigations is that we obtain site-specific information early that informs our planning.

Vision. Ground water being pumped into a storage container. Close up of a core sample being measured.

Hazel. The challenge of doing geotechnical investigations at a dangerous and congested level crossing such as this is that we are in a busy urban environment, so there is not a lot of room to do the drilling.

Vision. Train travelling through the Union Road level crossing in Surrey Hills. Cars are banked up behind the level crossing in the background. Aerial footage of a train pulling into the Surrey Hills station heading towards the Melbourne CBD.

Hazel. We thank everyone for being patient and cooperative while we complete this important stage of our project.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

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