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We shop local too!

19 Oct 2016



We shop local too!

[Title: LEVEL CROSSING REMOVAL PROJECT - We shop local too!]

[Visions: - Workmen entering café - butcher shop - barber shop]

Coffee shop owner

Bit more high-viz going about the place.

[Vision: Workman walking down street - workmen chatting - Coffee shop owner speaking]

I’ve seen a lot more guys from the worksite come in and order a coffee, order some food, grab and go.

Male workman 1

[Vision: Workman 1 entering newsagent shop]

I come down here just about every day, cross the road, get my coffee.

[Vision: Coffee being made - male workman 1 speaking]

Get my lunch just up the road, and come here for my Lotto, my lucky Lotto.

[Vision: Male workman 1 buying Lotto]

Male workman 2

We’re going to have a huge influx of workers through the area.

[Vision: Male workman 2 entering Barber shop - workmen onsite - male workman 2 getting haircut]

So it’s a great opportunity to come out and spend some time with the locals and, yeah, spend some money.

[Vision: Male workman 2 entering butcher shop - being served - chatting with butcher]

It’s good to support the local businesses around the area.

[Vision: Coffee shop owner speaking]

Yeah. Yeah. It’s great for business.

[Vision: Male workman 1 chatting with newsagent - Workmen at coffee shop - coffee shop owner speaking]

All times of the day, whether it’s before work, during their breaks or the afternoon.

[Vision: Barber shop sign - male workman 3 having shave - coffee machine]

Everything’s still open and still running.

[Vision: Workmen being served coffee]

We still make good coffee, good food.

[Vision: Male workman 2 buying meat and leaving butcher shop]

Male workman 3

And, the haircut I appreciate it. Thank you very much. And, we’ll see you again

[Vision: Male workman 3 leaving barber shop - workmen leaving shop with coffee]

[Vision: We encourage all our workers to eat, shop and play locally]

[Vision: We’re grateful for the support the local traders are providing to our workforce

[Vision: We encourage you to join us in shopping locally too!]

[Vision: Open sign]


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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