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TRY Build and the Noble Park Information Hub

01 Aug 2017



TRY Build and the Noble Park Information Hub

Jawad - TRYBUILD Student

I’m from Afghanistan. I came to Australia two years ago as a refugee. The things that I learn in here I never had them before.

[Vision: Students measuring, cutting timber, making frame, building]

I’m measuring, cutting the timber, how to make the frame, anything involved in the construction.

[Vision: Jawad speaking]

This will help me to find the work in future.

Bill - TRY Australia - Director - Social Enterprises

TRY Build is one of TRY’s social enterprises. Its predominant focus is to provide young disadvantaged, disengaged youth, with building construction training.

[Vision: Students learning construction - student carrying timber and glass, spray painting]

On this particular project they’ve taken ownership and they’re putting their name to it.

Jordan - TRYBUILD Student

Like 10 years from now I will be like so happy with it still.

[Vision: Infohub]

I could just tell people like I did that.

[Vision: Students learning construction - students in workshop - students building]

We’re very, very appreciative of organisations such as the Level Crossing Removal Project because they’ve actually given us the opportunity to have these kids participating in something that raises their self-esteem.

[Vision: Workshop - Students]

And to see the changes in the behaviour of these kids, the confidence in these kids is priceless.

[Vision: Bill speaking]

This project has given a lot of these kids another chance at life.


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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