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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Transit Program – Introduction to transport

12 Sep 2017



Transit Program - Introduction to transport

[Title: 5 Day program: Introduction to Transport - TRANSIT]

Duy Le - Senior Project Officer, Level Crossing Removal Authority

[Vision: People at training program listening to speaker]

Our transit program is a five-day program to really showcase the very best in transport and infrastructure to people who are considering, or wanted to get involved in all the opportunities that are happening in Victoria right now.

[Vision: Time lapse of night and day of trains]

It’s a very exciting time to be in transport and infrastructure.

[Vision: Time lapse of boom gates being removed - tunnel vision - aerial view of bridge over rail line - workers from different industries walking to training]

Between the level crossing projects, tunnels, new roads, transit allows workers from different industries such as the automotive sector, to really get a feel for what it means to work in transport.

[Vision: Aerial view of construction area - Duy speaking]

As part of the five-day program they’ll be getting their safety access to rail corridor, or TTSA certification, as well as their construction white card.

So they do get that mix of accredited and non-accredited training, so really make that transition into transport.

[Vision: People exiting bus - view of train factory - view of track from the driver’s perspective]

Rowan Lal - Engineering Group Manager, GM Holden

Before we started this week I don’t think we had the appreciation for what opportunities were out there, and I guess that’s what this week did for us, to give us that better overview of what’s there, allow us to be confident in applying for roles that we thought perhaps we couldn’t apply for in the past, but I think the similarities are there that such we can.

We made some terrific contacts as well that will help us with that transition.

[Vision: Time lapse of night and day works at construction - Aerial view of construction of rail corridor]

Well, the wealth of experience in understanding project scope and delivering projects to time and on budget, the technology is very similar between auto and what we’ve seen in the transport industry, very, very similar technology.

[Vision: People speaking to Rowan - outdoors training - Rowan speaking]

So, you know, we can bring those skills and those experiences, those disciplines of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, structural engineering, all those into the transport industry really quickly, and be able to deliver projects straightaway.

So really comfortable with trying to place somebody, I think that would be a pretty good opportunity.

[our partners - Metro, Transdev, Yarra Trams, Bombardier, V/line, Public Transport Victoria, Level Crossing Removal Authority, Rail Academy, Metro Tunnel]

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