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Traffic Improvements in Carrum and Seaford

14 May 2018



Traffic improvements in Carrum and Seaford

[Title: Traffic improvements in carrum and seaford]

[Vision: Aerial view of Carrum to Seaford route]

From Carrum to Seaford we’re getting rid of four dangerous level crossings, fixing local road networks and upgrading dangerous intersections.

[Vision: Currently under construction, open to traffic in late 2018 - Patterson River bridge construction works]

To improve local trips between Carrum and Bonbeach, we’re connecting Station Street across the Patterson River.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of alterations to McLeod Road and removal of boom gates - Twice as much time to move traffic through the area]

We’re also extending McLeod Road through to the beach, removing the current congestion hot spot caused by boom gates and the dogleg road at Station Street.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of new rail lines over road - Keeping more than 12,500 vehicles/day moving]

This new connection has been designed to manage existing and future travel volumes through the area, improving traffic flow and reducing travel times.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of improved traffic flow]

By removing the congestion hot spot in Carrum with the new McLeod Road connection, drivers will no longer need to rat-run through local streets to the Eel Race Road level crossing.

[Vision: View of train passing through level crossing - Most traffic is travelling between the Nepean Highway and McLeod Road]

This means the current low number of vehicles using the Eel Race Road level crossing would reduce even further.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of level crossing removed - No more rat-running on local roads]

By closing this dangerous level crossing, local streets will be quieter and safer for residents and children around the Carrum Primary School.

[Vision: View of train passing through level crossing - More than 17,000 vehicles use the crossing daily - aerial view showing location of Seaford Road level crossing and Frankston Freeway]

The removal of the level crossing at Seaford Road will make it easier for local residents to get in and out of the area, and provide better access to the Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway and EastLink.

[Vision: Aerial view of Armstrongs Road location]

We’re also making safety improvements to the Armstrongs Road and Nepean Highway intersection making it easier to travel in and out of the area.

[Vision: For more information visit - aerial view of Patterson River bridge]

Overall, drivers will experience a decrease in travel time through Carrum and Seaford as a result of these changes.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority]

[Victoria’s Big Build - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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