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Traders at Camp Road in Campbellfield

01 Jun 2017



Traders at Camp Road in Campbellfield

[Vision: Aerial view of Camp Road Campbellfield road]

Laurie - Woolworths Group

Camp Road is a busy east-west arterial road.

[Vision: Time lapse of traffic at boom gates]

When the boom gates close it can get quite congested and cause a lot of delays.

Leila - Victorian Arabic Social Services

The Camp Road level crossing is an essential part of my everyday movements and routine.

[Laurie speaking]

We have 700 employees who support this site.

[Vision: Sign - keep tracks clear - trucks passing over track]

And also 400 truck movements a day in and out of the distribution centre.

[Vision: Stop when lights are flashing sign - train passing by - stop on red signal]

This project will help reduce congestion, and safely reduce our truck turnaround when we’re delivering to stores.

Marg - The Meadows

We have quite a few traffic issues getting to our venue.

[Vision: Aerial view of level crossing and congested traffic]

The main part of that is that people come from Sydney Road, come around the corner and run directly into the railway line.

[Marg speaking]

It’s a bit of a nightmare frankly between about four o’clock and six o’clock at night, so we’ll be very happy to get rid of that and get a bit of free-flowing traffic.

[Leila speaking]

I think that this project is wonderful, it will meet a great community need, and it’s long, long overdue.

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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