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Toorak Road pedestrian and cycling crossing changes

10 Jul 2019



Video Transcript

Toorak Road Pedestrian and cycling crossing changes

Tracey. Hi, I’m Tracey. And today I’ll be talking about the Toorak Road Level Crossing Removal Project and how it will improve pedestrian and cyclist connections.

Vision. View of existing pathway to level crossing showing traffic and pedestrian crossing lights. Tracey standing beside level crossing boom gates. Aerial view of traffic at Toorak Road.

Pedestrians and cyclists using the shared path on the western side of the freeway currently come through Tooronga Park, then travel up an incline to Toorak Road. Once they get to Toorak Road, cyclists dismount before walking through two sets of pedestrian and cyclist crossing lights. Another challenge that pedestrians and cyclists currently face is that there is no safe, legal way to cross the rail tracks to the south-western side of Toorak Road. The most common feedback we have from the community was to improve the pedestrian and cyclist connections across Toorak Road.

Vision, Artist impression of new crossing showing train overpass.

A new signalised crossing for pedestrians and cyclists will sit alongside a realigned Talbot Crescent. The lights will synchronise with those at the Monash Road interchange ensuring that traffic will keep flowing. Thanks for watching this video on the Toorak Road Level Crossing Removal Project. If you’d like more information jump onto our website at and check out the Toorak Road page where you can also sign up for our e-updates.

Text. Visit Crossing Removal Project. For more information, visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

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