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Surrey Hills and Mont Albert updated designs and station precinct explainers

14 Jun 2021

Surrey Hills and Mont Albert updated designs



Text. Updated designs. Chris, Principal Architect Union Road and Mont Albert Road Level Crossing Removal Project.

Vision. Artist impression of station open space and concourse and Lorne Parade Reserve, station concourse and perforated canopy, station building and open space. Artist impression of station platform and surrounding roads.

Chris. Hi, I’m Chris, Principal Architect for the Union Road and Mont Albert Road Level Crossing Removal Project. Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your great feedback on the initial concept designs. This feedback has helped the team and I develop the designs in response to the history and heritage of the local area, as well as the natural environment.

Community feedback has also influenced how we connect the new station with its surroundings. This includes celebrating Lorne Parade Reserve as a modern green space for generations to come.

So how have we done this? Firstly, we’ve reduced the scale and bulk of the new station buildings by breaking the main station concourse buildings into smaller separated buildings.

We’ve also designed the station to blend with the local environment through design features, colours and materials. For example, a unique design feature of the new station is a custom-made perforated canopy that creates a dappled light effect throughout the concourse.

We’ve also used materials such as brick, stone and shingle-style cladding in the design to reflect the local buildings of the Victorian Edwardian and Federation periods.

And we’ve used soft muted colours throughout the new station and station precinct to create a subdued and subtle look and feel. The result is a calm, composed and connected design that allows the new station to blend with its surrounds while being open, light and inviting.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

Surrey Hills and Mont Albert station precinct



Text. Station precinct. Green open spaces, local connections and sense of community, better connections.

Vision. Artist impression of open space around station precinct and Lorne Parade Reserve. Aerial view of rail corridor. Artist impression of new station and rail corridor.

Chris. When it comes to the station precinct you told us that green open spaces, local connections and a sense of community are important. You also wanted to see better connections for cyclists and pedestrians.

In response we’ve created greenery and landscaping in and around the station precinct and rejuvenated Lorne Parade Reserve.

We’ve designed the station to maximise the surrounding open space and preserve the majority of Lorne Parade Reserve. The final design of the reserve will be developed in further consultation with the community.

We’re currently working to retain as many large trees in the area as possible. We’ll plant thousands of new trees and shrubs in the station precinct and nearby upon completion of the project.

Finally, there will be new cycling and pedestrian paths from Union Road in Surrey Hills, along Windsor Crescent and Lorne Parade, and connecting with the Mont Albert Shopping Village.

In future these paths will be able to be linked to Box Hill and Hawthorn as a part of the future cycling corridor.

So, I hope that’s given you an idea of what’s gone into the designs, I’ve certain enjoyed working on them. Community consultation on the updated designs is now open, I certainly look forward to hearing from you.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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