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Station Street bridge is open

02 Oct 2018



Station Street bridge is open


  1. Aerial view of opening of Station Street bridge showing crowds
  2. Station Street Bridge - Patterson River, Carrum
  3. Aerial view of crowds on bridge and train passing
  4. More than 1000 locals here for the opening
  5. Crowds breaking through the opening flag for bridge
  6. Time lapse vision of people walking across bridge for the first time
  7. Many people laughing and enjoying the experience
  8. Aerial view of bridge filled with people
  9. People walking across bridge safely

Woman in white speaking

With the new bridge it’s very secure, so whether you’re on a bike or a pedestrian you can walk very easily and you feel very protected.

  1. Spiderman gives a boy a high five
  2. Sausage sizzle
  3. People enjoying the food and music

Woman with striped shirt

I think the level crossing work is brilliant.

  1. Aerial view

    It’s going to make it so much easier than doing the dogleg back and forth.

  2. Paves the way for future level crossing removals

    Woman with orange vest

    It’s such a hassle isn’t it crossing over back and forth.

  3. Women enjoying coffee

    You’re losing sometimes 20 minutes on a busy time.

  4. Aerial view of bridge and train passing
  5. Station Street Bridge open now



[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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