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St Albans Primary Students decorate new rail overpass

04 Oct 2017



St Albans Primary Students decorate new rail overpass

[Vision: Time lapse of children painting wall

Lis - Art Teacher, St Albans Primary School

[Vision: St Albans artwork - children painting]

When we started talking about it they wanted to design something that was multicultural diverse that was reflective of their cultures and the community in which we live in, so their designs incorporated that.

[Vision: Primary students - distant view of artwork]

And they also wanted an aspect of the school to be represented into that design, hence the SAPS, which is St Albans Primary School.

[Vision: Primary students painting wall - Sebastian and Lis and primary students]

Sebastian - Youth Art Mentor

It’s very important that the artwork is a product of the young people that have been involved in it, rather than me kind of basically just painting my own thing and having the kids kind of just colour in little bits.

Keira - Student, St Albans Primary School

One of my friends, she kind of draw a tree which actually is the main idea, which it was a tree with SAPS in - like combined into the tree branches.

[Vision: Primary students]

Trei - Student, St Albans Primary School

[Vision: Students painting]

I’ve never spray painted before, so when I first started I was going wobbly, and then I got better.

[Vision: Sebastian and students posing in front of their artwork]


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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