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Springside Kindergarten

27 Jun 2017



Springside Kindergarten

[Vision: Children playing at kindergarten]

[Vision: What do you want to see in the new open space between Caulfield and Dandenong?]

Children’s comments:

  1. Sand pits
  2. A big playground
  3. Lions and tigers
  4. Have a slide off a rainbow
  5. Fairy house
  6. Monkey bars
  7. I buy a shop that (sneeze)
  8. A rainbow
  9. Big trees
  10. Red rainbows, trucks - yellow
  11. Jelly
  12. That’s funny
  13. Flying fox
  14. A lot of slides. Some at the bottom, some at the bottom, some at the top
  15. Thomas and a Batman and Wonder Woman, and Superman Thomas

[Vision: View of kids giggling]

[Vision: Springside Kindergarten sign with kids speaking]


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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