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Speaking with traders in Ian Street, Noble Park

06 Feb 2018



BE Style & Smile trader

[Vision:  BE Style & Smile signage]

[Vision:  BE Style & Smile trader speaking]

The name of this business is called BE Style & Smile.

We give you a nice style haircut and then you walk out with a nice smile.

Ambi - Ian Street Trader

[Vision:  Ian Street Shopping Centre sign]

But there’s a lot of enthusiasm with the traders because of the activities that’s going on with the railway development and the railway crossing.

[Vision:  Ian Street construction works - time lapse of night and day construction]

There is excitement and people think that Noble Park is going to be another Noble city.

Elena - Ian Street Trader

I think it can only get better.  We’re going to get more foot traffic.

[Vision:  Artist’s impression of new road and traffic under rail line]

It’s going to definitely connect us even more with the other side of the railway, and include us a little bit more in the Noble Park shops I reckon.

[Vision:  Stop sign at level crossing]

Running a business here was very hard because a lot of people get stuck in the traffic just to come here, come running late for appointments.

[Vision:  BE Style & Smile trader speaking]

So with the railway I think it’s going to improve the community so much here in Noble Park.

[Vision:  BE Style and Smile trader working]

Everybody will probably come on time.

[Vision:  Artist’s impression of open space]

And there’s going to be some exercising places I heard.

[Vision:  BE Style and Smile trader speaking]

It’s going to be good for the community, bring it back together and keep you healthy as well.


[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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