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Seaford: hybrid design solution

25 Feb 2017



Seaford: hybrid design solution

Travis – Senior Project Manager

We're removing the dangerous and congested level crossing at Seaford Road in Seaford, which is one of 50 level crossings to be removed across Melbourne.

[Vision: Seaford Road level crossing]

Over the past 12 months, we've been looking at the best way to remove the level crossing at Seaford Road.

As well as doing community consultation, we've been out there doing geo-technical investigations, looking at utility services, what's in the ground, and the hydrology of the area, and also looking at the groundwater.

[Vision: A drilling rig conducting investigations]

What we learnt from those investigations was that building a rail trench could have significant environmental impacts because of the groundwater flows, and the ground conditions.

As a result of consultation, we also learnt that building a traditional rail bridge was not the preferred response.

So we've come up with a new hybrid design, which involves lowering Seaford Road and raising the railway line onto a planted embankment.

[Vision: Artist's impression of what the hybrid solution will look like]

We'll be lowering Seaford Road by about one and a half metres, and raising the rail line by around five metres onto an embankment.

With this option, we're able to include significant planting on the embankment rather than concrete structure types, so we've really done a lot of work to come up with this unique way to separate road and rail.

Looking at the technical aspects, our studies found that changes to the level of ground water directly beneath the project could significantly impact the fragile environment of both Kananook Creek and the internationally protected Edithvale-Seaford

[Vision: The Edithvale wetlands]

Each level crossing removal project is unique, and while it is possible to build a rail trench at both Edithvale and Bonbeach, we've ruled it out here at Seaford because of these significant environmental challenges.

That's why we've come up with this new design, which involves lowering the road to a level which will not impact the long-term groundwater flows, while improving the local area with new planting and high quality urban design.

As well as removing the level crossing, we'll be providing a huge upgrade to the local area.

Things like walking and cycling paths, new trees and planting, and improvements to the sports oval next to the railway line. We'll be talking with you about this over the coming months, to get your feedback for the Seaford area.

Removing this level crossing will reduce congestion and improve traffic flow in the Seaford community. It will also make things a lot safer, and create thousands of jobs.

We're kicking off with a tender phase this year, and works will start next year, in 2018.

We're looking forward to getting rid of the Seaford Road level crossing, and delivering new opportunities for the Seaford community.

[Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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