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Removal of Main Road level crossing to start

14 Oct 2015



St Albans level crossing removal project announcement

[Title:  Level Crossing Removal Project - Victoria State Government]

[Vision:  Minister speaking - St Albans Station]

Luke Donnellan - Minister for Roads & Road Authority

We’re here today to announce some substantial works being undertaken here at St Albans Station.  This is a project that will substantially reduce congestion in this local area.

[Vision:  Traffic using level crossing]

20,000 cars a day cross over this crossing.

[Vision:  Pedestrians using level crossing]

There’s 5,500 pedestrians who use this every day. And there are 210 trains every day.

[Vision:  Trains using level crossing]

These works will go on from the 4th October to 30th October.

[Vision:  St Albans road sign - St Albans Station sign]

Most of the work will be done during normal work hours.

[Vision:  Train using level crossing and closure of car spaces sign]

Some work will be done at night.  There will be some inconvenience for the community.

[Vision:  Railway station]

There’ll be shuttle services being provided.

[Vision:  Luke Donnellan speaking]

But it’s very much something that the community very much welcomed.

[Vision:  Railway crossing]

Well I grew up not too far from here in Niddrie.

Senator Scott Ryan - Assistant Cabinet Secretary

And anyone who has grown up in this part of Melbourne has known that this level crossing has been the scene of tragedy and almost tragedy far too often.

[Vision: Trains and railway crossing - St Albans Station sign]

This is an important project for the area for safety.

[Vision:  Upcoming works and train on level crossing]

It’s an important project for amenity.

[Vision:  Luke Donnellan speaking with people]

And it’s a very important project for the local community.

[Vision:  Ministers speaking - traffic and surround scenery, pedestrians and stop light at crossing]

Because we know when we fix intersections like this we have a real impact on the amenity of the local community, and that’s everything from shopping, to pedestrian access, to people feeling welcomed coming to this area.

[Vision:  Luke Donnellan speaking]

Since 2005 we’ve lost two people at this crossing.

[Vision:  Traffic and St Albans Road sign and train at crossing, boom gates]

We’ve had 45 near incidents, so it’s very much about the importance, more than anything else, of removing this level crossing.

[Level Crossing Removal Project - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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