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Q&A – What are the ground conditions like?

19 Oct 2016



Q&A – What are the ground conditions like?

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project - Your level crossing]

[Vision: What are the ground conditions like?

[Vision: view of sand and bay]

So far from the drilling that’s occurred, we’ve found the conditions underground to be predominantly sandy, which isn’t really surprising given our proximity to the bay.

We’ve also found groundwater, which is water that naturally flows through the soils underground, to be close to the surface.

[Vision: Overhead view of train line and bay]

But that varies depending on where you are along the line.

This means that for the trench solutions that we are considering at some sites, we’d need to effectively waterproof the area for both during and after construction.

So this means that we’d need to construct a deep, continuous piled wall to prevent water from coming in.

[Vision: Map showing groundwater flow - diversion of water]

And this effectively forms a barrier for the natural flow of groundwater. This may result in water needing to travel around the trench structure.

[Vision: Model view of inland and coastal water levels]

And the impact of this is that water on the inland side will rise, and water on the coastal side will fall.

So on the inland side, where the groundwater levels may rise, this might have an impact on the nearby wetlands and other areas.

And on the coastal side, where the groundwater levels may fall, this could cause impact to the nearby property foundations, and may activate acid/sulphate soils.

So wherever there is a potential impact to the wetlands, that’s at Edithvale, Bonbeach and Seaford, we are making a referral to do a full Environment Effects Statement.

We’ve also heard people say that there are a number of underground basements in the area, so groundwater flow should not be an issue.

[Vision: Street view of houses - speaker speaking - construction of trench]

Whilst underground basements may not have a noticeable impact on groundwater flows, the size of those, compared to the size of a rail trench, will have a very different impact.

[Vision: Wharf and bay]

In most cases groundwater issues can be managed, but we need to fully understand the impacts and the risks before any decision can be made.

[Vision: Computer based model to simulate changes]

We are in the process of preparing a computer-based model to simulate the groundwater level changes as a result of the trench solution.

[Vision: geotechnical drilling works]

Our geotechnical drilling works will continue throughout the rest of the year.

[Vision: workmen drilling]

Information from that we’ll feed into the groundwater model. So we’ll be in a good position to understand the groundwater impacts, and we’ll be able to share those results with the community when they come to hand.

[Vision: For more information]

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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