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Q&A – How will a recommended option be decided?

19 Oct 2016



Q&A – How will a recommended option be decided?

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project - Your level crossing]

[Vision: Q: How will a recommended option be decided?]

Another thing that’s come up in a lot of our conversations is how we make a decision on a recommended option.

[Vision: Feedback notes at meeting - overhead view of coastline]

In most cases, there’s not one determining factor that helps us make a decision.

There are three broad things that help us land on a recommended option.

[Vision: Community feedback - meeting - people chatting]

One important input is community feedback, that’s why we are asking you what you think of the shortlisted options through meetings, information sessions and online.

If you haven’t gotten involved already please jump online, join the discussion and tell us what you think.

We are really keen to hear what you think of the options as we head into the next phase of the project.

[Vision: Technical investigations taking place]

The second thing that goes into our decision making process is technical investigations, so information from studies like design, traffic and geotechnical just to name a few.

[Vision: Level crossing - train passing]

This ensures that we are recommending a solution that can be built whilst understanding how we can manage the possible impacts so we can make the most of this once in a generation project.

[Vision: Workman studying environmental impacts - wetlands]

The third thing we need to consider is information from environmental investigations. So that includes flora and fauna and heritage studies, as well as looking at the nearby surrounding environmental features such as the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands.

So wherever there is a potential impact to the wetlands, that’s at Edithvale, Bonbeach and Seaford, we are making a referral to do a full Environment Effects Statement.

So we will be considering all those things together, to help us arrive at a recommended solution by early next year.

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[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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