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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Parkdale Level Crossing Removal Project update – part 1

14 Dec 2021



Parkdale Level Crossing Removal Project update – part 1

Vision. View of level crossing from beneath a passing train. View of Parkers Road and Warrigal Road level crossings and Parkdale Station sign. Artist impression of new open space at Moreland Station.

Mark. Hi, my name is Mark, Senior Project Manager with the Level Crossing Removal Project and I’m here to tell you about the two level crossings we’re removing in Parkdale and Mentone and how we’ll be building a new Parkdale Station and more than 2 MCG’s worth of open space on this exciting project.

Vision. View of traffic congestion at level crossing.

Text. 15 incidents and near misses, 20,000 vehicles each day.

Mark. As you know, we’ll be removing the dangerous and congested Warrigal Road and Parkers Road level crossings by building a rail bridge over the two roads.

Text. Benefits of elevated rail, improved safety, reduce congestion, more trains more often.

Vision. View of pedestrian crossing rail line at Parkdale Station. View of vehicles crossing level crossing and trains passing at level crossing.

Mark. Removing these crossings will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow us to run more trains more often on the Frankston line.

Vision. View of traffic congestion at level crossing. Cyclists crossing rail line between Como Parade.

Text. Elevated rail will have many benefits.

Mark. An elevated rail solution at this location has many advantages. Firstly it will significantly improve safety for locals and be much easier to cross the rail line between Como Parade east and west.

Vision. View of shopping strip and pedestrian enjoying the facilities. View of beach.

Mark. This will really help connect the shopping strips on either side of the line and make it easier for people to get to community facilities and the beach.

Vision. View of trees.

Mark. As a part of the project we’ll be able to create lots of new open space. We’ll also be able to plant more trees and greenery near the rail line and under the bridge. When it comes to construction there’ll be fewer impacts and disruptions for locals than building a trench.

Vision. View of Parkdale Station level crossing and old Parkdale Station.

Mark. An important part of the project will be replacing the old Parkdale Station which was built in 1919. We know how much locals value the village feel of the local area and we’ll be drawing on those influences for the new station design.

Vision. View of Parkdale Station sign and existing parking facilities.

Text. New Parkdale Station, modern facilities, better access, more car parking.

Mark. The new station will be built to modern standards with new facilities, better access for people of all abilities, and the opportunity for more car parking underneath the elevated rail.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit levelcrossings.vic.gov.au. Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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