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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Our winter blitz is underway

10 Jun 2020



Our winter blitz is underway

Kevin Devlin, CEO Level Crossing Removal Project. This winter blitz, the Level Crossing Removal Project is going bigger than we’ve ever gone before.

Text. Bigger than ever before.

Vision. Aerial view over Melbourne’s northern suburbs and construction site. Construction workers operating heavy machinery beside rail line.

Kevin Devlin. By the end of July three more level crossings on the Frankston line will be gone for good.

Vision. Construction workers removing level crossings at Park Road, Cheltenham, Charman Road, Cheltenham and Balcombe Road, Mentone.

Text. Park Road Cheltenham. Charman Road Cheltenham. Balcombe Road Mentone. Gone for good July 2020.

Kevin Devlin. And in August we’ll be opening two brand new train stations, one in Cheltenham and one in Mentone.

Vision. Artist’s impression of new train stations at Cheltenham and Mentone.

Text. New Cheltenham Station. New Mentone Station.

Kevin Devlin. And in Melbourne’s north we’ll be undertaking our biggest ever rail shutdown on the Upfield line so we can get rid of another four dangerous and congested level crossings.

Vision. Aerial view over upfield line in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Heavy machinery being operated on construction site and Moreland Station building being removed. Level crossings at Bell Street, Coburg, Munro Street, Coburg, Reynard Street, Coburg and Moreland Road, Brunswick.

Text. Bell Street Coburg, Munro Street Coburg, Reynard Street Coburg, Moreland Road Brunswick. Gone for good December 2020.

Kevin Devlin. And build two new modern train stations, Coburg and Moreland.

Vision. Artist’s impression of new Coburg Station and Moreland Station, showing level crossings removed.

Kevin Devlin. And works are also ramping up at twelve level crossing removal sites and five new stations right across Melbourne.

Text. Evans Road Lyndhurst. Cardinia Road Pakenham. Clyde Road Berwick. Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach. New Edithvale Station. New Chelsea Station. New Bonbeach Station. Werribee Street Werribee. Cherry Street Werribee. Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing. Manchester Road Mooroolbark. New Mooroolbark Station. Maroondah Highway Lilydale. New Lilydale Station.

Vision. Split screen showing aerial view from five different level crossing removal sites. Evans Road in Lyndhurst, Cardinia Road in Pakenham, Clyde Road in Berwick and sites in Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach. Artist’s impression of new train stations at Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach. Werribee Street and Cherry Street in Werribee, Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing, and Manchester Road in Mooroolbark. Artist’s impression of new Mooroolbark Station. Maroondah Highway in Lilydale. Artist’s impression of new Lilydale Station. Construction workers working on construction sites. Time lapse visions of construction works operating both day and night.

Kevin Devlin. For those of you who are experiencing changes to the way you travel this winter, thank you for your patience. The entire team at the Level Crossing Removal Project can’t wait to show you what we can achieve this winter as we work towards removing 75 level crossings by 2025.

Text. 75 Gone by 2025. Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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