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New Gardiner Station opens at Burke Road, Glen Iris

20 Jan 2016



New Gardiner Station open at Burke Road, Glen Iris

[Vision: New Gardiner Station structure - train entering station - pedestrians entering and using new station]

[Slide: Level Crossing Removal Project - Introducing the New Gardiner Station]

Lady employee at station

Good morning. Welcome to the new Gardiner Station.

Male passenger 1

It feels good, it’s a great station.

Female passenger 1

I’m glad it’s started, it looks great.

[Vision: New station and train arriving]

[Vision: Workings July 2015 removing old Gardiner Station]

Luke Donnellan - Acting Minister for Public Transport

This is a magnificent looking station.

[Vision: Passengers arriving at station and train]

It’s high quality design.

Female passenger 2

Got up early and came down and caught the first train from the new station.

[Vision: Train and station]

I don’t mind the modern look, it’s good.

Female passenger 3

Massively different. The old station was quite rundown and this one’s quite new and modern.

[Vision: Train at station]

Male passenger 2

It looks pretty good, it’s easy to use. But it definitely makes things easier crossing the road.

[Vision: Smooth running traffic]

Male passenger 3

I was delighted, I mean this is, we bet we are in the 21st Century.

[Vision: Station timetable screen and passengers swiping card]

Female passenger 1

Out with the old, in with the new as they say.

[Vision: Security cameras on station and signs.

Definitely think I would feel a lot safer. There seems to be a lot more cameras and lights.

Adam Maguire - Project Director

So, we really do appreciate the patients of the local community here.

[Vision: Workmen talking to cyclist and workers]

There’s been some disruption. The community has been tremendous.

Neil Cosic - Project Manager

We’d also like to thank the families of all the workers and the staff for all the long hours that everybody’s had to put in over the last six months, but it certainly has been worth it.

[Vision: Time lapse of construction work - Traffic flowing]

Female passenger 4

It was great. It was so much easier crossing the road and getting across here.

Male passenger 3

There was a major problem.

[Vision: Tram arriving at station - flowing traffic]

The boom gate, the tram over time, so with that gone I think that the traffic would be flowing better.

[Vision: Flowing traffic]

Luke Donnellan - Acting Minister for Public Transport

To date we’ve got a billion dollars’ worth of contracts out there in terms of these level crossings.

[Vision: Night works on rail line]

Eight have already been started. We expect by 2018 to have 33, 20 already completed and another 13 on the go.

Neil Cosic - Project Manager

This is the first one out of the 50 so 49 to go.

Female passenger 1

It’s been worth it I think that anyone that comes through will all agree with it. It definitely needed to be done and I’m glad it has been done.

[Vision: Signing boom gate - passengers on station]

[Slide: Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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