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New buildings landed at Ginifer Station

20 Aug 2016



New buildings landed at Ginifer Station


[Vision: Modular station installed at Ginifer - crane lifting into place - PreBuilt Factory - station building being built in factory]

Jason Scebrras - PreBuilt Project Manager

We’re at the Prebuilt Factory in Kilsyth. We’re loading the five pieces of Ginifer Station on the back of semitrailers.

[Vision: Semitrailer backing under prebuilt building]

It’s been an interesting project.

[Vision: Ginifer Station modules in factory - man welding]

Train stations being modular is an exciting new innovative technology that’s been rolled out, not just on Ginifer but on a few stations now.

[Vision: Construction site - staff discussing plans - modules in factory being built]

The way that it works is while the main concourse is getting built and all the concrete works are getting done on site, we’re able to build a building in the factory environment with no restrictions on weather.

[Vision: Jason speaking]

So it’s enabling us to keep a tight program and deliver a project while the works are happening on site.

[Vision: Modules loaded onto semitrailer]

From here to site there’s no real challenge.

[Vision: Semitrailers travelling at night to construction site - modules delivered to site by morning]

And we get to the site and we crane them in first thing in the morning.

[Vision: Workmen unloading modules - train - construction site - crane]

Grace Frazzica - Senior Project Engineer

We’re installing five modules today. The buildings are finished. They’re completely lined inside. They’re tiled.

[Vision: Aerial view from crane lifting module into position]

They’ve got joinery already installed.

[Vision: Module being lowered into position]

Electrical work has already happened.

[Vision: Workmen on construction site]

So now it’s just connecting the buildings together, and yeah, so far so good. So it’s taken us about an hour for each building to get installed.

[Vision: Module on semitrailer - crane lifting module into location]

The beauty of the whole project here is that we’ve removed the level crossing here at Furlong Road.

[Vision: Pedestrians watching construction]

So passengers have a safer route to the station, to the platform because they are away from traffic.

[Vision: Modules at construction site - time lapse of construction]


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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