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Mernda Unearthed Exhibition

28 May 2018



[Title:  UNEARTHED - A Shared Heritage / The Old Bridge Inn Artefacts]

Michelle - Archaeologist

I’m Dr Michelle Negus Cleary.

I’m an archaeologist.

[Vision:  Archaeological excavation in progress - vision of various artefacts on display - Mernda Station construction]

We were engaged by LXRA to do a heritage assessment prior to the Mernda rail line extension.

Bronwyn - Artefact Specialist

[Vision:  Period photograph of the Bridge Inn]

So the artefacts were excavated from the old Bridge Inn site and they were excavated for three weeks.

[Vision:  Archaeological excavation in progress - artefacts on display - gold button]

My favourite artefact … we had a small button and it’s gold and it’s really beautiful.

[Vision:  Artefacts on display - image of plan for the archaeological dig site - Michelle speaking - artefacts on display - public looking at exhibition]

The exhibition is really special because we hardly ever get a chance to dig such an early building, that talks about that heritage, not only of pioneers in the early European settlement, but we’ve got all these amazing sites from Aboriginal occupation too.

[Vision:  Artefacts on display - photograph of early pioneer family]

Mernda’s heritage is not only very early, but also it’s quite well intact.

[Vision:  Artefacts on display]

So this is an amazing archaeological landscape.

[Vision:  Mernda Station construction site - Michelle speaking]

So to see it coming alive again and seeing it being constructed, it’s been a fascinating project to be involved in.

[Vision:  Public viewing the exhibition - Michelle speaking]

So the exhibition is open until the 29th of June at the Whittlesea’s Civic Centre, and you get a great opportunity to see some of these fantastic artefacts.



[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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