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Mernda Sneak Peek Day

27 Aug 2018



Mernda Sneak Peek Vox Pops

[Vision:  Mernda platform 2 sign - passengers - new station - pedestrians - Mernda platform 1 sign - Hawkstowe platform 2 sign - Middle Gorge Station - pedestrians - man taking photo of station]

Male 1

Yeah.  It’s really good to see the whole area from a different angle.

[Vision:  Passengers on train smiling and waving - views from train]

You know, seeing all right down through The Gorge, it’s, yeah, it’s great.

[Vision:  People on train enjoying the scenery]

Female 1

[Vision:  Vision of train arriving at station and people waving to driver]

Getting to the city is going to be made 10 times easier now.

[Vision:  View of station and car park]

And just looking at the parking, they’ve done a great job too.

[Vision:  Young girl having her face painted - Thomas the Tank Engine rides for children]

Male 2

[Vision:  Male 2 with his son]

I think he had a blast.

[Vision:  View of a man taking photo of train leaving station]

And I’m a gunzel so I enjoyed it myself.

[Vision:  Pedestrians using stairs at station - view of less traffic passing under rail - two women on train with thumbs up - pedestrians using stairs - Male 2 speaking]

Being part of something that’s new, a bit exciting, see the line get extended, it’s really enjoyable.

[Vision:  People waving and happy - Male 1 speaking]

I guess it means better access to the city.

[Vision:  Views from train arriving at station]

It’s being able to get into work.

[Vision:  Aerial view of rail and train]

It means hopefully less cars on the road too, as more people use this.

[Vision:  Male 1 speaking]

It just opens up the whole area.

[Vision:  Male taking photo of entertainment - female clown with hoop - people cooking bbq and pizzas]

Male 3

Well I think today’s been a fantastic event.

They’ve done a very, very good job of introducing - reintroducing rail to Mernda.



[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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