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Mernda replanting contract with Yarra View Nursery

08 May 2018



Mernda replanting contract with Yarra View Nursery

Scott Buckland - Knoxbrooke Enterprises General Manager

So, my name’s Scott Buckland, General Manager of Knoxbrooke Enterprises.

[Vision: Entrance to Retail Nursery - vision of plants]

Knoxbrooke Enterprises operates four social enterprises, one of which is the Yarra View Nursery.

[Vision: Scott speaking - view across native plants at nursery]

It’s a large wholesale nursery, and behind me here we’ve got 45,000 Australian natives that are going into the Mernda Rail project.

[Vision: Aerial view of construction of Mernda Rail - plant sign stating plant is for Level Crossing]

The Level Crossing project’s been really important for Yarra View Nursery.

[Vision: Employees at Yarra View Nursery working with seedlings]

It means we get some certainty around the amount of hours we can offer our people, the amount of employees we can bring on board.

[Vision: Employees working outside]

There’s a waiting list of people wanting to work at Yarra View Nursery.

150 people with disabilities all up work for us.

[Vision: view of plants]

With Mernda Rail we’ve employed 10 new people.

[Vision: Employee moving plants]

We provide specialised training and support programs for people to work.

Andrew - Yarra View Employee

I just finished my Certificate II in horticulture.

[Vision: View of plants]

Love coming to work, doing different stuff.

[Vision: Andrew working]

Got my forklift licence now through here.

Josh - Yarra View Employee

Like every day pretty much I learn something new.

[Vision: View of plants - Josh working outdoors]

Working with the people and being outdoors and trying new things.

[Vision: View of plants]

I’ve not had one bad day.

[Vision: Josh speaking]

I always go home happy and come happy which is always a bonus. [MERNDARAIL - - LEVEL CROSSING REMOVAL AUTHORITY]


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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