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Mernda Rail Expression of Interest announcement

09 Mar 2016



Mernda Rail Expression of Interest announcement

[Title: Merndarail]

[Vision: Mernda Rail Project, Expression of Interest announcement]

Daniel Andrews - Premier

Well, it’s great to be here today to celebrate a really significant milestone in the extension of train services from South Morang all the way to Mernda.

[vision: Merndarail sign - Premier meeting with Project Director and looking a map]

Today we can announce that the expression of interest documentation, the call for expressions of interest on this Mernda rail extension have gone out to the market.

[Vision: Premier talking with people about project]

This process has started, and we’ll see over the next four or five weeks really detailed engagement with the potential builders as we enter this really important competitive phase.

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

We know that this is a growing corridor, one of our nation’s fastest.

[Vision: Traffic in Mernda and surrounding scenes]

For instance, there’s predicted to be something like 100% increase in the population in this corridor by 2030. That’s why it’s so important that we build the best road links.

[Vision: Premier speaking with people]

We build the best public transport services, hospitals and schools. What it means is we’ll be under construction early next year.

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport

This is a big, big project. Not just for the Mernda community but for our State. It’s up to $600 million is going to be spent on this project.

[Vision: Premier viewing where future line will be built]

It’s going to create hundreds of jobs during construction.

[Vision: Mernda scenes]

But most critically, it’s going to bring employment opportunities closer to where people live.

Graeme Chambers - Project Director Mernda Rail Extension

Yeah, well Mernda Rail Project’s a great project. It’s a project that takes the rail from South Morang out to Mernda.

[Vision: Map of proposed railway line]

It includes some stabling. It’s about eight kilometres of track, two new stations, one here at Mernda and one at Marymede, and a possibility of a third which we’ll get priced at Hawkstowe.

[Graeme Chambers speaking - All walking over Mernda area]

We’re consulting with the community now, first of four sessions, and pop-ups etcetera as of yesterday. So that will feed into our design development.

Darren Peters - Spokesperson Mernda Rail Alliance

You really need to come along to all the consultation sessions, because this is where they’re going to decide what this is going to look like.

[Vision: Jacinta Allen discussing with people]

And this is what it will be for generations to come, so I really encourage everyone to come along and have their say.

[Vision: Premier discussing map of proposed line - traffic in Mernda]

I think it’s something that everyone in Mernda wants built as soon as possible, because the congestion is so back in Mernda and in South Morang.

[Graeme Chambers speaking - plan]

It should make a real dint in the traffic. It will just be great for opening up opportunities for the people of Melbourne North to travel on the train to get into town.

[Daniel Andrews speaking - plan]

I can’t think of a better way to invest $600 million than to bring public transport to one of the fastest growing corridors anywhere in our nation.

[Merndarail - Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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