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Mernda Rail delivery

13 May 2018



Mernda Rail Delivery

Tom - Project Engineer, John Holland

Here at Spotswood we receive rails from One Steel over in Whyalla, South Australia.

They get delivered to our site here at Anzac Siding in twenty seven and half metre lengths.

[Vision:  Rail lengths]

Once here at Spotswood we feed them through our flash butt welding production line where we turn them into one hundred and sixty five metre rail lengths ready for the major projects around the state.

[Vision:  Staff attaching themselves to lifeline which comes down from beam]

The guys will climb up onto the train and with their harnesses attached to the lifelines which come down from the beam that runs across the portal frame.

[Vision:  Four staff with rail lengths]

We’ll have a crew of four guys that will stay up on top of the train while we’re loading.

[Vision:  Loading rail onto train for delivery]

They’re supported by a team of guys on the ground who will connect the rail onto the hooks on the train.

An operator will then take that rail off onto the train.

The guys up there will position it against the bollards on either side of the train to prevent it moving and unhook it and the process will start again.

[Vision:  Tom speaking - working on rail line]

So onto the rail train for delivery at South Morang we load thirty six hundred and sixty five metre lengths which equates to around 350 tonnes.

[Vision:  Time lapse of night works on rail line]

The rail deliveries at South Morang are scheduled after light before first period where there’s no activity on the network.



[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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