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Memorial plaque unveiled at St Albans

18 Jun 2017



Memorial plaque unveiled at St Albans

Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria

[Vision: Memorial plaque and flowers]

At the 50 crossing we’re removing, over the last ten years sadly, tragically, 20 lives have been lost.

[Vision: In memory of all those who have lost their lives at level crossings across Victoria - Forever in our thoughts]

There have been 60 serious crashes and more than ten times that number in near misses.

[Vision: Cyclist crossing level crossing as train passes - boom gates down, traffic stopped]

These terrible statistics put the human side to this massive infrastructure program.

[Vision: Aerial view of construction site - Daniel Andrews speaking]

It really is about saving lives, saving time, allowing us to run more trains more often.

[Vision: Night works]

And of course we’re creating thousands of jobs along the way.

[Vision: Workmen at night works - Photo of Christian Dejanovic]

I’m humbled to be here today with Diane Dejanovic whose son Christian, tragically passed away at this site back in 2012.

[Vision: Daniel Andrews and others placing wreaths]

He was posthumously awarded a bravery medal in recognition of his courage.

[Vision: Flowers - Diane Dejanovic talking with others - Daniel Andrews speaking]

And I want to today recognise his mum’s courage because she’s led the campaign to make sure that, something that had been talked about for decades finally got done.

Diane Dejanovic - Mother of Christian

Five and a half years ago we lost our son. Today means so much that finally there’s a recognition, and there’s a space where we can come and reflect and pay our respects


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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