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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Meet Wayne – GROW Program

08 Jul 2021



Meet Wayne – GROW program

Text. The Grow Program has been developed to introduce people from marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds to training and employment opportunities in the transport and construction industries.

Vision. Aerial view of construction corridor and traffic flowing on roads, train passing under bridge.

Wayne. Employment opportunities for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders can be difficult. I’m from the Cullunghutti mob which is mainly based in Nowra and spreads down to Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast and my totem is the black dolphin. Before I was with the Cherry Street project I was working in the merchant navy. I was there for over 30 years. The merchant navy dwindled down and I needed to find an alternative form of employment. Through the Kangan Institute which I did a short course with, at the end of the that Grow Program was mentioned and introduced to us, and so I took the opportunity to take that up and do a rail ticket and was able to obtain a position here at the Cherry Street Crossing Removal.

Vision. View of construction site, heavy machinery on construction site and Wayne working on site. Construction workers working on site. View of rail line, aerial view of trains. People walking into the Rail Academy and listening to instruction. Wayne working at night. Schedule for Rail Academy instruction. Wayne talking with lady.

Jason. The Grow Program participants bring a diverse background and sometimes different skillsets that we normally wouldn’t see in construction, and gives us the opportunity to expand and grow with the new individuals, especially since construction at the moment is very busy and we’re needing to bring in new people and upskill them, it gives us a new gateway on finding new construction workers.

Vision. Night works removing boom gate. Time lapse photography at construction site. Heavy machinery being used at construction site. Night works showing removal of boom gate. People at the Rail Academy listening and learning new skills. Aerial view of students and rail lines, instructor talking to students. Lessons taking place indoors. Various scenes of train parts.

Wayne. At the moment I’m Site Support which is anybody that actually needs a bit of a hand, whether it be, you know, to put up fences to raking the ground, putting down the straps to fuelling, and anything in between, then I’m there to give them a hand. What I enjoy is the versatility of the whole job from here one day and, you know, doing something else with other people the next day. And the camaraderie that I’ve found since I’ve worked here has been terrific.

Vision. Night vision of train and construction workers working. Time lapse photography of construction work. Wayne working on site with other workers. Aerial view of students and rail lines.

Level Crossing Removal Project. For more information visit Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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