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Meet the members of the CTD project team

21 Sep 2017



Meet members of the CTD project team

Joel - Labourer

There are daddy jobs in the white car and the truck.

[Vision: Staff member holding stop/slow sign - truck reversing]

That’s all my oldest daughter knows.

[Vision: Aerial view of construction site]

Michael - Project Engineer

The great thing I like about working here is how iconic this job and what it can bring to this community.

[Vision: Construction site and workers]

I think a lot of people look at this project and think that it’s just a rail infrastructure project.

Dwayne - Site Engineer

[Vision: Traffic crossing level crossing - aerial view of construction site]

On a whole, this project is changing not only the rail for commuters but also the local vehicle and pedestrian movements throughout all these nine level crossings.

Agnes - Graduate Site Engineer

[Vision: Aerial view of construction corridor]

It will converge communities that were once divided by the rail line, and essentially it will revitalise the community.

Lucas - Leading Hand Carpenter

It’s definitely going to relieve a lot of congestion.

[Vision: Traffic stopped at level crossing while train passes]

I’ve sat at the lights down there for up to half an hour.


[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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