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Meet our landscaping expert

10 Feb 2016



Meet our landscaping expert

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project]

[Vision: Level Crossing Removal Project: Caulfield to Dandenong Trees and Vegetation]

Kate - Landscape Architect

Hi. I'm Kate. I'm a Landscape Architect working on the project team.

[Vision: Artist's impression of open spaces]

My role involves the design of parkland public open space, and the forecourts at the new railway stations.

[Kate speaking]

Landscape architecture plays a really important role in the everyday lives of people.

[Vision: Tree - people at station.

It influences your journey as you get to work every day, where you go on the weekend, your general wellbeing and health.

[Kate speaking]

There are many things that we need to consider when we retain or plan the retention of trees within the corridor.

[Vision: Artist's impression of open space - Kate speaking]

One of the good things about having an elevated rail structure means that we can actually locate them closer to the railway tracks than if we were building a railway cutting in the ground.

[Kate speaking]

We're not just retaining trees but we're improving the vegetation along the length of the corridor.

[Vision: Noble Park Station artist's impression]

People can expect to see a lot more public open space.

[Kate speaking - Artist's impression of Noble Park Station]

And that public open space will have a lot more vegetation in it. So we'll put in a variety of plant stock at different heights. The smaller tree stock we put in the more quickly it will grow.

[Vision: Map of open space in corridor]

But we will be putting advanced stock in as well. Advanced tree stock is tree stock that we buy from a nursery that's been growing in the ground for a few years.

[Kate speaking]

And they treat it very carefully and move it to site, so that from day one we've got a tree that's potentially three to four metres high.

[Vision: Artist's impression of Clayton Station - construction machinery]

Typically the planting will be installed towards the end of the construction program. This means that during the construction trucks etcetera don't damage the trees and the plants.

[Kate speaking]

Ur team's really excited about the opportunity to work on the project.

[Vision: Artist's impression of station]

[Level Crossing Removal Project - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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