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Meet our construction expert

10 Feb 2016



Meet our construction expert

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project]

[Vision: Level Crossing Removal Project: Caulfield to Dandenong Construction]

Stuart - Construction Manager

I'm Stuart, Construction Manager for the Level Crossing Removal Project Caulfield to Dandenong section.

[Vision: Stuart working]

I'll be leading a team to deliver all the nine level crossings as well as some additional stations and some open space along the corridor.

[Vision: Stuart speaking - plan showing trains still continuing to run]

Because we're working in a tight rail corridor adjacent to existent residents and businesses, we've chose construction techniques which will make construction a lot faster and help minimise the disruption to those residents and the travelling public.

[Stuart speaking]

As a result we're using a combination of pre-cast concrete elements which we'll cast offsite, deliver to site and erect with a combination of lifting techniques, crane techniques.

[Vision: Artist's impression of open space usages]

Building an elevated rail has many advantages. It's a lot quicker to construct and we're able to build a lot of it offline, so we can keep the trains moving, keep commuters moving.

[Stuart speaking]

We can also reduce the number of truck movements we have on the road, so we don't have the large quantities of excavation. So, less mud, noise, dust impacts. Plus our construction footprint's a lot smaller.

[Vision: Map showing open space areas along corridor]

So, we have the ability to save a lot of the existing trees along the alignment.

[Vision: Map, 7 new spaces - 12 kms]

We expect to be on the ground mid-2016, starting up with a site establishment and compound in Caulfield.

[Vision: Caulfield to Dandenong 9 level crossing removed - boundary fence]

And, then constructing a boundary fence, a safety fence along the rail corridor.

[Vision: Construction workers on site]

And, then we'll be working on all sites at once at each of the level crossings, probably from mid-2016.

[Vision: Map - 2,000 jobs - will fully open in 2018]

So all nine level crossings between Caulfield to Noble Park will be on target to be completed.

[Vision: It will deliver a more reliable train service]

This is an important project for the community. It will relieve the pressure on the local road and rail networks and the disruption that commuters currently experience.

[Stuart speaking]

It will take some time to deliver.

[Vision: Screen showing open spaces and bus interchange]

But with patience the end project that we actually give to the community here will be well worth it.

[Stuart speaking - artist's impression of open space, station, relieved traffic flow at crossing]

The community will definitely benefit from these level crossings being removed, not only from reducing the disruption that they currently experience on the road and rail networks, but also the open space that we're providing to them, to the shared user paths, they can walk and ride along the corridor. And, I definitely think they'll appreciate what we deliver.

[Level Crossing Removal Project - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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