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Main Road level crossing removal construction underway

14 Oct 2015



Main Road level crossing removal underway

[Title: Level Crossing Removal Project - Victoria State Government]

[Vision: Ministers walking along footpath]

Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria

Thanks very much for being here today at the Main Road level crossing. This is a really proud day for the west.

[Vision: Ministers speaking - Railway Crossing]

This is perhaps the most dangerous and deadly level crossing. Lives have been lost here.

[Vision: Train passing through level crossing]

There have been so many near misses you lose count of them.

[Vision: Traffic crossing through level crossing]

It’s also a very heavily congested level crossing. This simply is a relic of the past and it has to go.

[Vision: Train passing through St Albans Station]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport

This is a level crossing that has 20,000 cars go through it every day.

[Vision: Train passing through level cross and pedestrian crossing road]

Over 200 trains every day.

[Vision: Close up of train passing through level crossing - car stopped at boom gates - pedestrians waiting at level crossing]

And as a result the boom gates are down here for 65 minutes during every two hour morning peak period, causing congestion, causing frustration for the local community, but also too we know it’s such a safety issue as well.

[Vision: Workers at construction site]

So work has progressed very quickly since the start of this month when the construction started on this site.

[Vision: Construction site and digger - Jacinta Allan speaking]

And this is a big job. It will take about 12 to 18 months to complete this level crossing, but at the end of it the community will see the difference that the removal of this level crossing will make.

Bill Shorten - Member for Maribyrnong

Today’s announcement couldn’t come any later than it already has.

[Vision: St Albans Platform 2 - Ministers speaking - Train stopping at platform and passengers]

And it’s really good, not just in terms of the human safety, but in terms of the productivity, the time people take to move around this community.

[Vision: Railway Crossing]

The time wasted which will no longer be wasted.

[Vision: Train passing through station]

And of course it’s a good injection of jobs into the local economy.

[Vision: Train passing through railway crossing]

Because it’s about saving lives.

[Vision: Vehicles crossing railway crossing]

It’s about making sure we’ve got a better road network.

[Vision: Workers at construction site - Daniel Andrews speaking]

And it’s about stopping these relics of the past holding us back from running a 21st century public transport system.

[Level Crossing Removal Project - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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