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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

LXRP's 2019 Graduates

05 Mar 2021



2019 Graduates

Vision. Night works installing beam at old level crossing site. Train passing over elevated train line with grad student standing in foreground.

Text. Big Build Grads. Victoria’s Big Build Graduate Programs.

Vision. Truck transporting beam to location at night. Beam being lifted into position.

Annie. I never really imagined myself working in infrastructure, but I think the opportunity to work across a variety of disciplines and receive the structured Graduate Learning Series training appealed to me, and being a part of an organisation that does more than solely focus on profit is important to me.

Vision. Time lapse photography of train station showing trains arriving and leaving. Rail construction works. Train passing through level crossing under roadworks.

Callum. I knew that public transport was where I wanted to be, and still believe that, you know, better public transport changes cities for the better, so that was kind of the direction I knew I wanted to head, so that’s why I applied.

Vision. Aerial time lapse photography of level crossing and traffic. Construction works in progress.

Tracey. It definitely has its perks that’s unique to experience. So you get to start the program with a group of people that you get to know as friends and, you know, you’re all in the same boat, and then you get some really, really fun graduate events and training throughout the year.

Vision. Construction workers on construction site.

Haydn. I guess how I’d describe the graduate learning series is basically like it’s school for the real world, with lots of these different tips and skills and tricks and things that you need to know through the course and throughout your career and things the way they possible should be teaching at high school but they’re not, or at uni.

Andrew. The GLS has made me more confident and ready to apply the skills that I’d learnt to my current position.

Vision. Tracey’s video. Artist impression of new rail bridge over road.

Text. Visit

Tracey. My most memorable moment was being featured for a video on the Toorak Road Project, so definitely not something I’d thought I would do as part of the job and not in the first six months of starting the program. It definitely was the most memorable moment because, you know, my friends, family and colleagues still bring it up with me to this day.

Vision. Andrew working on Aviation Road construction. Aerial view of newly constructed road bridge.

Andrew. My most memorable moment was in my first rotation. I was working on Aviation Road and I was able to get on the top deck of the road bridge, and it’s really rewarding to see something that you’re team’s been working so hard on to come to life.

Vision. Construction workers on construction site. Night works installing beam at old level crossing site.

Tracey. We’ve all been really lucky with the amount of training and support that’s been dedicated to us over the past two years, and developed some really valuable networks that will be useful for the rest of our careers no matter where we choose to go.

Annie. One piece of advice I would give future LXRP graduates is to seek out your own opportunities and say yes to as many different opportunities that you can.

Vision. Aerial view of new station and construction works in progress and city skyline.

Callum. Trust your gut, you know, and probably trust your instincts, you know, it’s karma already you got this far and I feel like LRX is somewhere that encourages people to probably lean into themselves and what they want to do and what they want to achieve.

Vision. Construction workers on construction site removing level crossing signage. Time lapse photography of train line and construction works. Aerial view of train passing through level crossing.

Haydn. As a grad you’ve got lots of opportunities, you can go anywhere you want, so it’s about being in charge of your own destiny and making the most of it. So if you see something interesting latch onto that, ask more questions and pursue it sort of in your own rights in a sense. No-one’s going to tell you what to do you’ve got that freedom, so if you’re keen on something really jump on board and take it as far as you want to go with it.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. Make a big start to your career. Big Build Grads. Victoria State Government. Apply today at Level Crossing Removal Project.  Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.

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