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LXRA Graduate Program – Learning and Development

23 Jul 2017



LXRA Graduate Program – Learning and Development

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There’s so many learning opportunities. A lot of it’s informal, so you’re learning something new every day.

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You’re getting exposed to different settings and meeting a lot of people who have a lot of knowledge to share, as well as the formal aspects. We undertake a lot of training here as well.

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Things like public speaking, prioritising your time.

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There’s a lot of training that really works on getting you from being a university graduate to a really well-equipped professional in the workplace.

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You also learn how government works especially around construction government, which I think is something that is very different to how people perceive it, and so it’s really good to actually find out how it works.

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There’s also a number of health and wellbeing initiatives which is really good for your personal development and wellbeing.

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It’s really quite evident that the company is investing in us as Graduates, to not only better ourselves but better the workforce. You get training through every different area whether it be in your discipline or otherwise, just to give you that holistic understanding and make you the best possible person you can be going forward.

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