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LXRA Graduate Program – Culture

23 Jul 2017



LXRA Graduate Program – Culture

Male in blue shirt

So I would describe the culture at LXRA as very respectful.

[Vision:  Staff speaking in office]

Everyone here has been really welcoming and really helpful from the first day.

[Vision:  Male in blue shirt speaking - people chatting]

So if ever you need any assistance with something there’s always someone who’s around to help out and a really trusting and safe work environment.

Female outside

You can approach someone from any part of the business and they’re always willing to help you out, show you the ropes, and I think that really speaks volumes about an organisation.

[Vision:  People chatting]

Male in high viz outside

The culture is very inclusive, and as a Graduate to be able to start off feeling as part of a team, it really helped us hit the ground running.

Male in check shirt in office

I’ve seen culture on paper before but never seen it really married up to that in the workplace, but it does so in spades here at LXRA. It’s amazing to see people living and breathing the culture.

[Vision:  Staff chatting]

It’s really friendly, very welcoming.

Female in office

Like, everyone is included in everything. They don’t make you feel like you’re an intern, you’re actually like you’re part of the team, what can we teach you and what can you do for us? How can we help? So, yeah, it’s just really welcoming, really friendly, it’s a fun place to work.

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