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LXRA Graduate Program – Application Advice

23 Jul 2017



LXRA Graduate Program – Application Advice

Male in blue shirt

The advice I would give to other graduates going through the recruitment process is to relax and be patient. It can be a long process but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

Female in office

Definitely read up before you apply on everything you can find on the project. I found that was very useful.

[Vision: Screenshots of information about level crossings]

Finding out everything I could about, you know, what the project is and where the government is on it at the moment.

Female in office

Don’t be too discouraged if your resume isn’t overflowing with experience. I know a lot of the Grads here, this is our first engineering role. Having a good attitude and really being excited about the projects here can go a long way.

Female in high viz

To let their personality show through their application. You shouldn’t worry about how much experience you have or if you’ve ever done anything in construction or infrastructure before, because I think it should mainly be about what you could bring to the program. And I know everyone at LXRA is always keen to bring on people with different ideas and different experiences.

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