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LXRA Burke Road reopens – minus the level crossing

15 Jan 2016



LXRA Burke Road reopens - minus the level crossing

[Vision: Daniel Andrews signing level crossing boom gate]

Daniel Andrews - Premier

A relic of history.

[Vision: Crossing being used by trams and traffic without boom gates]

[Slide: Level Crossing Removal Project]

[Vision: Burke Road reopens minus the level crossing]

[Vision: Boom gate being held up by Jacinta Allan, Daniel Andrews and workmen]

We can proudly celebrate. The road has reopened today.

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

[Vision: Tram at tram stop - Burke Road October 2015]

Trams are running, the first one came through at about six o’clock this morning. Forty minutes in the peak hour in the morning and the evening. That’s how, 40 minutes across that time. That’s how long the boom gates were down for.

[Daniel Andrews speaking - Work on railway crossing removal]

And I want to thank and congratulate all the team at John Holland. I want to thank and congratulate motorists and public transport users who, certainly over these last three to six months, have put up with a fair bit of disruption.

[Vision: Workmen demolishing crossing]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport

I’d really like to echo the Premier’s comments about thanking the 500 odd workers who worked on this project. Thank them for the work they’ve done in getting this level crossing removed in such quick time.

[Vision: Night work removing level crossing]

[Jacinta Allan speaking]

Stephen Litterick - Alliance General Manager

Everyone’s feeling absolutely elated that we’ve removed this horrible level crossing from the Melbourne network.

[Vision: Night work on removing level crossing - Stephen Litterick speaking - traffic after removal]

And, as you can see behind me, traffic’s flowing well, the trams are flowing well, there’s no noise from boom gates anymore.

[Stephen Litterick speaking]

Probably a word of thanks to the community who live around us.

[Vision: Pedestrian]

They’ve been absolutely fantastic.

[Stephen Litterick speaking]

I think they see the benefits of what we’re doing.

[Vision: Lady pedestrian - work in progress]

It’s been a bit of an inconvenience but, yeah, once the trains are running it will be really a great improvement, definitely worth it.

[Stephen Litterick speaking - Black and white photos of crossing]

So, there’s been a level crossing here from the black and white photos we found since the late 1800s I think, when the train first came through here. So to remove this is an absolute privilege for us.

[Vision: Male pedestrian 1]

It’s worth it yeah.

[Vision: Workmen working at crossing]

It hasn’t been closed all that much so it hasn’t been much inconvenience.

[Vision: Male pedestrian 2 - traffic congestion October 2015]

You know, it was very congested before, and you’d see ambulances waiting there for three minutes, and fire trucks, and police, and it really needed to be done.

[Stephen Litterick speaking]

This is a super stop with a raised platform.

[Vision: Tram station raised - trams - Stephen Litterick speaking]

People will be able to get off the tram, if they mobility impairment, can get all the way into the train station on fully compliant pathways.

[Daniel Andrews speaking to media]

This is really - a really proud day.

[Vision: Free-flowing traffic - Daniel Andrews signing boom gate and congratulating workmen]

[Slide: Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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